15 Positive Instagram Accounts To Get You Through This Quarantine

Shivani Manohar
July 11, 2020
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Imagine this: You’ve been cooped up inside your house for a week now. You’re hungry but your favourite snack is over and God forbid you step out of the house for anything that is not an emergency (no matter how much you argue that this IS one). Your mom is yelling at you to wash your hands twelve thousand times a day, your dad keeps talking about how this pandemic is not going to subside for at least a couple of months and your grandmother, for the life of her, cannot stop watching depressing updates on the news.

Sounds familiar? I thought so.

Everybody who’s anybody knows that, at the moment, our planet is facing a crisis. But, on the bright side, if running out of your favourite food and getting into arguments with your mom about how many seconds you’ve been washing your hands is all you have to complain about, you’re one of the lucky few.

Although all of us are experiencing a certain amount of stress and anxiety about this situation, it is much more difficult for some people to come to terms with what is happening. There are people experiencing severe anxiety issues and their mental health has taken a big hit.

Headlines of people fighting over toilet paper and panic-buying entire stores paint a bleak picture of what humanity has come to. Amidst seemingly endless stories of illness and depression, here are 16 rays of symbolic sunshine that will, with any luck, make you smile.

The Happy Broadcast

The Happy Broadcast, created by Mauro Gatti, is an anxiety-free news account that highlights everything good that is happening around the world. With adorable illustrations and bright and colourful posts, this page helps you start each day on a positive note.


As their Instagram bio correctly says, Upworthy has been delivering the best of humanity to us since 2012. From the tale of an orangutan who has learnt to wash her hands after observing her caretakers do the same, to the story of the Holocaust survivor who just beat COVID-19, their list of inspirational and heart-warming stories goes on and on.

The Latest Kate

This page is full of doodles and quotes that you can’t help but smile at. So if you ever need a baby rabbit telling you that it’s proud of you, or a fox in a muffler telling you that it’s going to be okay, The Latest Kate is where you should be heading.

Self-Care Is For Everyone

The unique thing about Self-Care Is For Everyone is that along with being a space that ceaselessly promotes self-care and mental health awareness, they’ve also paired up with an online counselling platform called Better Help for anyone who’s in need of someone to talk to.

Positively Present

Positively Present by Dan DiPirro is an art account that shares artwork based on topical and relevant stories. It’s just the kind of feel-good page that can cheer you up when this quarantine gets you down.

Apartment Therapy

If you have OCD like I do, and any little thing that’s slightly out of place essentially drives you insane, Apartment Therapy is the ideal page for you. It’s full of photos of homes that are aesthetically pleasing and more importantly, CLEAN! Very much opposed to the monstrosity that your brother has probably turned your room into.

The Good Quote

Positive and motivational quotes that advocate for mental health and self-development through literature and discussion - that’s what The Good Quote bio says. And honestly, I couldn’t describe this page any better if I tried.

Recipes For Self-Love

Filled with empowering images of and for women, Recipes for Self-Love is the ultimate appreciation page for all the incredible women out there. This page provides a giant bear-hug chorus of support to every woman who feels that what she’s experiencing isn’t real.


Happsters is yet another positivity account except this one features weekly posts of relatable quotes and puppies whose faces you’ll want to smoosh. With an irresistible combination like that, who can possibly say no to immediately following this page?

Chibird Art

Chibird Art features cheerful drawings that will undoubtedly brighten your day. If you like doodles of motivational animals who all look like they’ve swallowed a balloon, this account’s got you covered.

We're Not Really Strangers

We’re Not Really Strangers will hurl one personal attack after another at you if you’ve ever made yourself feel lesser than or compromised on your own happiness for someone who didn’t deserve it. As their bio rightly says.. Warning: feelings may arise. OH, and they also have their own game!

Cleo Wade

Cleo Wade is a literary genius who posts everything from photos that’ll make you smile, to quotes that will make you question every decision you’ve ever made, to snippets from his own books. If anyone knows how to turn strangers from different parts of the world into a community, it’s him.

R. M. Drake

R. M. Drake is a New York Times best-selling author who posts excerpts from his books and bite-sized essays or poems written by him that are real, unfiltered and wholesome.

You Are Luminous

You Are Luminous, is a page that simply radiates positive energy through its posts. Kristen, the curator of this account, is a mindset coach and a champion of spreading positivity and joy as far as the eye can see. Need I say more?

The Good Advice Cupcake

Saving my most favourite account for last, The Good Advice Cupcake features Cuppy, the protagonist, who (surprise, surprise) is a cupcake that gives good advice. Through animated videos, interactive posts and Cuppy’s no-nonsense yet adorable personality, this page wins hearts effortlessly.

These 15 accounts have carried me through some difficult moments, and I hope they work as many miracles, if not more, for all of you as they did for me. There’s no doubt that we’re currently experiencing some truly trying times. Remember to be just a little bit kinder and a tad bit more patient and moreover, be there for each other. The situation WILL get easier, but only if we work as one towards that goal.

If these accounts do help you, consider this post a good deed and pay it forward by sharing it with your loved ones. You never know who might need it.

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