7 features of an effective class management system that can help sports institutes earn higher revenue

Shania Santwan
August 13, 2022
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A sports institute is a multifaceted organization, where each department plays a fundamental role. With so many classes, coaches and students involved, there are many aspects to consider like scheduling, attendance, timetables, and much more, which can be challenging to track.

A class management system is the most important tool that takes a sports institute to the next level. It provides a convenient, organized, and easy platform for your students to sign up, pay for classes, access course materials, and more.

Implementing an effective class management system to schedule classes, receive payments, streamline sales, and promotions can be the difference between earning higher revenue or settling for less. In fact, sports institutions can save up to 20 hours a week through a class management software.

While many software providers can help you create a custom system to meet your needs, it’s important to select one that is easy to use and cost-effective. However, there are 7 key features to look out for while choosing the ideal class management system that can help you earn higher revenue.

How a class management system helps you earn higher revenue

1. Online Bookings

Managing an entire sports institution in addition to coaching students takes a significant amount of time. Add scheduling class time slots manually without any form of recordkeeping in the mix and it is a recipe for mismanagement. This is where online bookings make things easy for you and your students.

Through Classcard’s class management system, you can easily set up all your coaching sessions and share a booking link with the students/parents where they can discover and book classes.

These sessions work as a catalog for students to choose their preferred session, register themselves, and pay for the same. 

Additionally, your students are among your most valuable assets. It’s important to understand that an effective class management system is not simply about enrolling students, it is also about building and managing a student database. With Classcard, you can capture relevant information (name, birthday, email, phone number) from your students, track student attendance and monitor progress.

2. Synchronized scheduling

Organizing multiple classes and the corresponding schedules of other coaches in your team can be challenging. There may be instances when a coach has been booked on two sessions at the same time. Sometimes, a student is unable to attend the class but the session timing has not been updated. The lack of a proper system leads to overlapping sessions and scheduling errors. 

Managing multiple class calendars and schedules is easier when they’re all in one place. It can help you stay organized and on task by breaking down each step of class planning and instruction into a clear plan, which in turn, helps you earn higher revenue. 

By using a powerful class management software, other coaches in your team can avoid scheduling overlapping classes, thereby reducing errors and making it easier to plan for special events or other important bookings. 

A major feature of Classcard’s class management system is that it allows coaches to plan their classes and organize events effortlessly. 

Its centralized scheduling feature allows you to change, reschedule or cancel classes instantly, which simplifies the process for you and your students. Furthermore, scheduling changes on the go is possible through the Classcard app for coaches, contributing to efficient tracking of coaching sessions.

3. Performance Tracking

Your sports institute may have many students and it’s easy to lose track of their progress during class. Keeping your students engaged is incredibly important, but simply monitoring them with your eyes can be tedious. A quality class management system thus ensures that your team of coaches stay updated about every student’s performance which helps them make the necessary modifications to facilitate better student learning.  

For example, with Classcard’s online class management system, you can easily keep track of your student’s attendance records and performance. Through the People > Student section, you can view their attendance record, assessments, and also use the Notes section to specify important information about the student. In the Gradebook section, you can analyse the grades of the student and identify areas for improvement. This data provides a comprehensive overview of each student’s performance which will help you, and other coaches, understand them better and plan the session accordingly.

This information will help you focus on students that require more attention and may even encourage a few to step up their game.

4. Upsell/cross-sell products

Every coaching session is unique. They require some sports gear which forms an integral part of the learning experience. An all-around class management system would provide an avenue for you to add these necessary products which would boost your sales of sports products, and thereby, your revenue. 

On Classcard’s class management software, you can add these products and attach them to a specific session category. The latest add-on feature on the app presents suggestions which would be useful for their overall sports activities when a student books sessions with you. For example, if you set up a package of tennis lessons scheduled twice every week, you can include an add-on product for tennis racket grips or shock absorbers.

5. Course selling 

There are times when despite scheduling a class or session, a student is unable to attend it. Thus, creating educational content material is extremely valuable for students who can’t attend your live classes or don’t have time to follow along. Classcard has a Resource Library where you can upload an online course for sale.

Not only does it give you a space to provide more information about your class, but it also lets people purchase access at their convenience and from anywhere in the world. The possibilities are endless!

6. One-on-one bookings

Each student is different and learns at their own pace. One-on-one bookings are a great way to provide quality and personalized training to each student. Additionally, you can fill off-peak hours which is especially useful if you want to increase your class revenue but don’t have time or resources to take on extra coaches.

A class management system like Classcard can help organize your appointments so that your existing and potentially new students always know about the next or currently available time slot.

7. Payment Integration/Fee Management

A vital feature of a good class management system is its ability to streamline your revenue with payment links, installment plans, payment gateway and buy now pay later (BNPL) integrations. This function is beneficial as it is easier for people to pay, giving them more options and time to pay while saving you cash-handling hassles.

Classcard’s class management software is integrated with some of the major payment gateway vendors including Stripe, Razorpay, PayU, and Postpay.io for the BNPL scheme and many more. In this way, your students can divide their fees into regular instalments for convenience. 

A class management system, thus, reduces the efforts spent on administrative tasks significantly as you focus more on coaching your students.


1. How can Classcard help with managing my online coaching sessions?

Classcard’s feature-rich class management system provides a variety of ways to manage online coaching sessions. Some of them include:

  • Online booking: Classcard provides a link through which students can book their sessions independently, reschedule, or make payments. 
  • Easy online class setup: The app also provides the ability to integrate Zoom or Lessonspace links while scheduling your online sessions which will be available to the students who sign up.
  • Calendar: With the calendar interface, you can keep track of your schedule as well as that of other coaches and students which helps manage your coaching sessions better. You can also start your online sessions right on the fly by clicking on the link set up for the class through the calendar interface.
  • Integrated Payment Gateway: Classcard’s system is Integrated with some of the most popular payment gateways including Stripe, Razorpay, PayU, and Postpay.io which helps streamline payments. 
  • Invoicing: This feature generates and keeps track of all invoices (one-time or subscription-based) for better revenue management.

To find out more about these features, you can request a demo

2. What payment options does Classcard offer for collecting payments from students?

Classcard’s payment integration features some of the most popular payment gateway vendors including Stripe, Razorpay, PayU, and Postpay.io for BNPL. We will add other payment options soon.

3. How can I upload a new class/session on the platform?

Once you login to the Classcard dashboard, head on to the Resources Tab -> Files -> Add File -> Upload the file of your choice. Once it is uploaded and you’ve entered the relevant details about the class/session, your students can access the resource effortlessly. 

4. Is there a fee tied with Classcard’s class management system?

Classcard is free to use for teams of 2. We also offer paid plans with additional seats, features, and storage.

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