7 Ways To Ensure You Make A Great Leader

Kenneth Soares
July 13, 2020
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Leadership and management skills are the most sought after jewels in the job market right now. Knowing how to build and manage a team is a skill that only a select few are born with. However, with enough dedication and perseverance, it's possible for anyone to power through and turn into a headstrong leader. Today, we're going to look at some qualities that one needs to develop in order to lead the way.1. Patience

Patience is an important quality in most spheres of life, especially when working with a team. Working with other people can get understandably frustrating. There are several obstacles that have to be overcome; from your chemistry as a team to your ability to get together, from your individual backgrounds to the bond you share. However, these obstacles (and countless others) can be crossed while working in a team by being patient with people. And you've got to set a good example when you're in-charge. The key is to be calm and thorough with your delegation and composed when it comes to elaboration of a task or an idea.2. UnderstandingBuilding a sense of understanding with those around you and those you lead is a process that takes its time. The key is relatability. Unfortunately in this big bad world, you're going to find plenty of people that you come across a handful of people that you can instantly understand and relate to (isn't working with them the best?). With the rest, you have to put in time and effort before things start clicking. Understanding within a team is an extremely crucial factor in dictating the team's performance. It helps build morale and creates a bond among individuals.3. Confidence

Confidence must be inherent when you’re up for a leadership position. Being confident about your functions as a leader is one of the best for you to earn your team’s commitment and respect. However, your confidence must be backed with actual, serious effort that needs to be put in. I’m sure you know of how there’s no substitute to hard work. Well, the danger of unearned confidence is one that most people are only too familiar with.  Sooner or later, it catches up with you. So make sure that you work hard so as to invest in that confidence.4. VisionOne of your primary qualities as a team leader should be the vision you have for your group. This includes everything from the task at hand to the goal that you want to attain. Your vision needs to be clear, concise and achievable. While having a vision in mind from the get-go, one of the most self-destructive practices is being closed of to improvising at various points along the way. An important suggestion here would be to be open to any suggestions that your co-workers or team might put out to you. Now that you have the right vision, share it with your team. Discuss, brainstorm and dissect it. Ultimately, it will all work out fine.5. Communication

Communication is key. All the time. In every interaction you might have. Communication also, however, is a skill that's most overlooked by people trying to develop themselves. Communication is arguably the most essential skill that you need to survive in any environment, let alone a leadership position. As a leader, your vision must be conveyed to your team as clearly as possible. Besides this, good communication also proves to be an underlying skill in delegation, conflict-resolution and several other arenas you enter as a leader. Just be clear and thorough and you’ll definitely be able to find your way through.6. HonestyThis one’s quite a no-brainer really Everyone appreciates being in on the facts. Don’t lie to your team (or anyone, really). Being frank about hard truths with your team and your colleagues can help you out in situations you would never have dreamed of. Honesty requires courage and vulnerability; qualities that are hard to come by in just anybody today. Upon exhibiting these qualities to those around you, you become trust-worthy and more likable to them. You also avoid the inevitable failure of covering your tracks down the trail of lies. The trick is simple; Step 1: Be honest and trustworthy. There is no Step 2.7.Commitment Being committed to the success of your task as a team is essential but you also need to be committed to the welfare of your team and its members. As a leader, it is your duty to make the right decisions for the project as well as the individual team members. Your level of commitment plays a huge part in determining the morale of the team so it’s up to you to lead by example. You are a role model for the team in terms of how committed you are. If you are committed, they see you as one of them working towards the same goal which is, in tun, encourages them to be more committed.For an even more emphatic guide on leadership, you can check out the link below.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61OzhSrgsd8[/embed] Thank you for reading. If you liked this post, try out ReportCard. :D

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