Classroom Management: Teacher Edition

Jashan Mangat
January 9, 2021
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A teacher is the CEO of the classroom! When an educator signs up, he does not just pledge to impart knowledge, his job entails him to; have a meaningful relationship with his students (and their parents), do a truckload of paperwork, give performance reviews and everything in between. In short there are a few administrative challenges faced by teachers. Safe to say it closely follows rocket science on the difficulty list.Every teacher faces his own challenges in classroom management, but a few seem to be considerably prevalent among most. But in the words of Albert Einstein, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, every problem has a solution!

classroom management

The problem: Need for personalized teaching methodsIt is a well established fact that every student learns at a different pace and with variable methods. And it is the teacher who needs to analyse and determine the learning pattern of students. This process of figuring out what works best can be pretty tormenting. The solution: Adopt a student analysis systemYou can overcome this problem by adopting a system that generates reports for student performance. 5LAB generates an analysis for every student, in the form of visual reports. By doing so you save time on analyzing and jump to implementing changes.

The problem: Marking attendance & assessments manuallyNot only does the teacher have to curate notes, set question papers, and execute the tests, he has to mark attendances and score the assessments. Once that is done, he then needs to physically transfer the details from the original copy to an excel sheet or system that the institution uses. Which, in hindsight is a lot of work! Additionally teachers have to deal with excessive paperwork for data collection. The solution: Opt for an end to end solutionCombat this problem by picking an institute management software that covers all the modules that your organisation needs. An ERP for coaching classes or a system that is mainly meant for institute management will cover everything from scheduling your classes to marking scores on a test. Reportcard is a complete solution to manage all your events, students, and staff. There’s an app as well, so you can score assessments and mark attendance on the go.

classroom management

The problem: Accountable to parents and adminsEvery teacher is the first point of contact, be it the students, parents or the administration department. Conveying appropriate information can get a little tricky when you’re single-handedly responsible for it all. It can take hours out of personal time, to convey student performances and attendance details which in turn, decreases productivity.The solution: Pick software for classroom managementPicking an institute management system will cut your hours considerably. Reportcard facilitates you with real time notifications for attendance and assessment scores, which reach the concerned person as soon as you mark it, saving you tons of time and transfer effort. Every problem has a solution, you just need to pick the right one! If you have any other problem while managing your institute, drop a comment and we’ll try our best to solve it for you!

Jashan Mangat

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