Innovative Ways to Engage Your Students

Jashan Mangat
July 11, 2020
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Have you ever found yourself in front of a class of students, who, for the lack of a better phrase, couldn’t care less? Are zoned out, or simply not attentive? Keeping students engaged in the classroom a task, and we all know that engagement outside the classroom is minimal.

engage your students

The best way to keep your students involved is to have them on their toes at all times. Here are a few tips that should help you in coaching institute management.

Keep Your Students Updated

A wise man once said “Live in the moment.” but he said it about a century ago. Think in the future, and let your students know what’s coming next, populate the calendar with deadlines, send reminders, be it an interactive activity or a quiz. Try a coaching institute management software that keeps your students in the loop and ensures that they are well equipped, and eager for upcoming events.

Communication is Key

Communication is the fuel of being a successful teacher, and constructive criticism catalyzes growth. The student should be updated on their progress throughout the duration of the course. Consider weekly or monthly feedback sessions to communicate whether the pupil is excelling or lacking. You can also bank on visual evaluation tools like graphs and reports that highlight problem points, and make the criticism, colorful.

engage your students

Real-Time Notifications

Gone are the days of delay, life is fast and time is limited. Keep your students, and their parents in the know. Give them real time updates be it, class attendance and assessment results. By doing so, you guarantee participation and better performance.

Cloud it!

Sharing study material, documents and links via cloud servers can go a long way. With the various types of learners, comes the need for a variety of content delivery. Hence consider adding audio and visual content like videos, graphs and reference pictures. As an added bonus, uploading all your documents on a cloud service ensures total accessibility to your students, and in turn makes the learning process a tad bit easier. It also maintains a definitive record of the course work that you’re providing.

engage your students

Increase Student Involvement

Allow your students to collaborate, ask them to come up with study material of their own. They can make presentation, share notes, and find articles or written pieces that would interest the class. This technique inculcates a habit of research and in turn catalyses active learning. Learning from peers is one of the most constructive ways of revision. By allowing students to upload videos and links on a cloud, you make this information available to the teachers who can derive fresh perspective from the student research.


The best advice that we can give you is, adopt unconventional techniques and think fresh! You can also drop a comment and tell us what you do to keep classes interesting.

Jashan Mangat

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