How Classcard's online booking and calendar features guarantee better online and offline class management

Shania Santwan
July 22, 2022
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Your sports institute may have a minimum of 100 students and 5 coaches. Additionally, there may be more students enrolling every day, eager to learn under the tutelage of the coaches in your institution. However, as your academy grows, manual class management in the hustle-bustle of new and existing students, coaches, and an ever-changing schedule is a recipe for chaos.

In a vast ecosystem of sports institutes, managing multiple classes, coaches, and students is a consistent and major challenge. If you add online classes to the mix, how can you keep track of the number of students attending these sessions? How do you maintain a schedule for coaches in a way that doesn’t overlap? How can you make bookings and online link setup easier? 

Scheduling or booking software has proven to increase 30% to 45% of revenue and significantly improve management performance. It minimizes the sales cycle required to secure a conversion. Similarly, Classcard’s online class management system with its online booking and calendar features can help you manage your entire class booking and scheduling with ease which will eventually contribute to increased sales.

Here’s how.

1. Online Booking

According to RevenueWell, 70% of people prefer online bookings. Similarly, when students wish to book one of the classes at your institute, you can present the entire roster through Classcard’s class management system to help them make an informed decision. 

First, you need to add the relevant subjects in the “Subjects” section.

After listing all the classes, you can review the entire catalog through the booking URL.

Classcard’s online booking feature includes all the options necessary to help you capture relevant student information, retarget marketing, and ensure seamless online class bookings. These include:

a. Booking URL

This customizable link is easily shareable with students looking to enroll. Once they visit the URL, they can select their preferred class, enter their personal information and make the payment for the same, if required. 

This booking will be logged into the dashboard which you can view in the “Online Bookings” section. 

Additionally, you can connect a custom domain to the URL or add an HTML code for the button that includes the booking link to an existing website. 

The booking URL can also be attached to your advertising campaign to boost bookings for a specific class or range of classes. Furthermore, you can leverage employee advocacy and have coaches share this link with students looking to enroll, thereby increasing the revenue of your institute.

b. Set booking preferences

This is where you set the booking rules or policies. You can customize the information you prefer to capture with every booking in the “sign up details” section.

Furthermore, if you have a terms and conditions page of which students ought to be aware, you can attach the link to the same and it will appear on the institute’s catalog page.

Similarly, with the payment options, session redemption and class cancellations, you can select the option that fits best.

c. Accept/Reject classes 

Sports like badminton, tennis and others require one-on-one coaching. You need to dedicate the appropriate amount of time to each student. There may be instances where a student has booked a session during your blocked time off or when you are coaching another student. Classcard allows you to accept or reject the booking based on your schedule. This option not only helps you maintain a clean list of online class bookings but also ensures mess-free scheduling.

d. Set up marketing

It is important to grow your institute. Therefore, If you are looking to increase the student count for certain classes, online or offline, or simply to promote online class booking, you can add your Facebook Pixel ID and Google Tag Manager ID to Classcard. 

These insights can help you keep track of site conversions, analytics, and ad optimization enabling you to build a targeted audience and accelerate your marketing efforts. 

e. Mobile app integration

You can add your booking URL to your home screen on iOS and Android as a progressive web app. This automatically prompts visitors, on mobile, to add it to their home screen.

2. All-in-one calendar

This is the most advanced and comprehensive calendar-cum-efficiency tool available on any class management system. Through Classcard’s calendar feature, you can successfully schedule all classes and gain a comprehensive overview of a coach’s program and the students enrolled in each class.

You can view the entire schedule of each coach on a weekly, monthly or daily basis. Through the filter options available above the calendar section, you can select the specific coach and the time specified from the drop-down lists. Additionally, you can set the number of columns you wish to view at a time.

To add a new class, activity or blocked time, click on the ‘Add New’ option on the top right of your screen. It will open a form to enter all the necessary information.

If there are multiple coaches involved in the specific section, you can add their names and it will reflect in the respective coach’s schedule.

Additionally, while scheduling an online class or activity, you can integrate a Lessonspace, Zoom or any other preferable meeting link. In this way, when you need to begin with a class on the go, you do not lose track of the specific link for that session.

Once you have filled in the class details, you can add the list of students singularly or by batch. However, you need to enroll the student or create a batch of students before mapping them to the session through the “People” section.

The classes, activities or blocked time added are categorized by color for better visual interpretation. Once you click on the relevant class or activity, you can see the essential details. This is where you can choose to edit your class in the event of any location, timing, or seating changes. 

Take your sports institute to the next level with Classcard

Through online booking and efficient calendar scheduling, your sports institute will witness the power of greater efficiency and management powered by technology. As you save time through a class management system, you can focus on ways to grow your institute.

Get started for free with Classcard’s class management system for scheduling and behold the magic of efficient class management.


1. Is it possible to export the calendar events for a week or month as an excel sheet?

Currently, it is not possible. Although, you can view all the events in a schedule view which is much like viewing a schedule in Excel!

2. What are the online video conferencing integrations available with Classcard?

Through Classcard, you can add a Lessonspace, Zoom or any other meeting link to your online class.

3. How can you visualize the schedules of multiple coaches?

You can see the schedule of each coach by heading to the Calendar section and selecting the specific coach in the top left corner of the page in line with the other filter options.

4. Can you export all bookings from the Classcard system? 

Yes, you can. From the online bookings section, click on the ‘download’ arrow in the top right corner of the screen. A CSV file will then be available for your purview.

Shania Santwan

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