Success Story: Bonas MacFarlane Middle East

Suraj Talreja
July 11, 2020
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This is an extremely special feature for us at Reportcard for two reasons. First, when we decided to venture into education technology - even before we had a MVP, we were almost serendipitously introduced to Bonas MacFarlane Middle East (that's a story for another time). And second, their contribution (read: feedback and patience) has been hugely responsible for our growth as a tech startup.

With tremendous excitement, I’m sharing my favourite bits from our conversation with Angus Gibson, Managing Director Bonas MacFarlane Middle East.

What was your background before you started the business? Basically, how did you get into the business?

Originally a filmmaker turned marketer (with a bit of antiquing and PR in between); previously I oversaw marketing for Bonas MacFarlane Global and the Independent Schools Show.

Describe your business tweet style (280 characters or less)?

We typically comment and share happenings in the works of education.

What according to you, separates you from your competitors?

The quality of our tutors, they are all Oxbridge or Russell Group with impressive academic track records. We are also one of the oldest and most experienced educational consultancy companies.

How do you foresee the next 10 years in your business?
The growth of online tuition and digital learning will play an important factor, in the way we offer tutorials and maintain contact with overseas clients.

Which book are you currently reading? 🎧 Bonus points for mentioning blogs and podcasts you are following.

Re-reading a bit of Agatha Christie, and working my way through the Joe Rogan podcasts

How do you measure and celebrate success at work? 🎉

It's easy in the tuition business... growth and success of tutees.

Bonas MacFarlane Middle East is one of Dubai’s most respected and trusted providers of tuition and educational advice. Learn more about their services here:

Bonas MacFarlane Middle East has been using Reportcard since December, 2018 to manage and grow their student base.

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