Success Story: Infonet Institute

Shivani Manohar
July 8, 2020
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Not too long ago, I had the honour of speaking with Panneer Selvam, Managing Director of Infonet Institute, about the company and their work. I’m super excited to share our conversation.

What was your background before you started the business? Basically, how did you get into the business?

I was a computer programmer, but due to various circumstances I decided to change my field to Supply Chain. Later, I started my journey as a trainer at Infonet, became a productivity optimisation in-charge, then became the manager and I’m currently the managing director of the Institute.

Describe your business tweet style.

We train the professionals with perfection.

What, according to you, separates you from your competitors?

The quality of the training is the top priority for us. Most of the high standard trainers had their  doctorates and/or were dual masters. Also, competitive pricing.

How do you foresee the next 10 years in your business?

This industry will always be there to create a good work force and entrepreneurs so there will always be good growth.


Which book are you currently reading? Bonus points for mentioning blogs and podcasts you are following.

Not a good reader but I write forecasting blogs.

How do you measure and celebrate success at work?

Through the productivity of my staff, delivering quality training through feedback and by default, the revenue.

Your favourite interview question (while recruiting)?

“Why should I hire you?”

Advice you'd like to give to a first-time business founder, someone just starting out? Or what would you have wished to have known before starting your business?

I always ensure that I have understood the business in and out, myself, before I get into it.

Infonet Institute, established in 1999, is a leading Educational and Training Organization in Dubai. It specialises in Management, Finance/ Accounting, Languages and Soft Skills Training. It has a significant presence not only within the country, but also on a global level. The Institute has consistently redrawn educational paradigms, introducing new facets to educational courseware, delivery and certifications.

Shivani Manohar

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