Success Story: Minds Ahead Institute

Suraj Talreja
July 8, 2020
4 min read

Very rarely do I meet someone, where I can confidently say that "teaching" is their unfair advantage. Super stoked to share my conversation with Nusrat Ali, one part of Minds Ahead Dubai.

Nusrat Ali

What was your background before you started the business? Basically, how did you get into the business?

I have always been attached to the education sector in one way or the other. My mother was a teacher and growing up I saw her pour her heart into designing lessons for her students. When I was in college, I overheard my mom's friend who was also a local school's principal lament about the lack of good English language teachers.

I volunteered to help at her school and began teaching students of grades 3 and 4 reading and writing. After my graduation, I gained employment as a training coordinator at the Emirates Aviation College. Here I had the opportunity to learn how a successful, world-class organisation develops innovative learning solutions and sustainable learning models.

My entrepreneurial journey started when I pursued my dream of acquiring a Diploma in Journalism and Public Relations. Preferring a freelance role, I started working as a content creator for entities such as Department of Tourism Dubai; National Council for Tourism and Antiquities, UAE; Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce; Dubai International Airport; Sharjah International Airport and other government departments in the UAE. Working with these organisations gave me insight into the skills and abilities needed for the jobs of the future.

Armed with this knowledge, I founded Minds Ahead where we seek to empower children with rich foundational brain training and skill sets that will be vital to their future success.

Describe your business tweet style (280 characters or less)?

A vibrant centre of learning where children have the chance to learn next-gen skills in small, personalised groups with expert teachers who are committed to excellence.

What according to you, separates you from your competitors?


Only programs that I have personally seen benefit my children, make it to the Minds Ahead platform. I keep in touch with every parent and child, carefully noting their feedback to our offerings and faculty.

Ever suggestion - big or small - is carefully considered.

How do you foresee the next 10 years in your business?

Exciting! Minds Ahead is now ready to embark upon its next learning adventure.We are continuously seeking to broaden our operating footprint and add high-quality learning programs to our portfolio.

Which book are you currently reading?

Homo Deus by Yuval Harari.

How do you measure and celebrate success at work? 🎉

Children and parents happy while walking into Minds Ahead.

Your favourite interview question (while recruiting)? And why?

I always ask why they've applied for the position...apart from the commercial consideration, I like to know what drives or motivates the applicant.

Advice you'd like to give to a first-time business founder, someone just starting out? Or what would you have wished to have known before starting your business?

Get the right people on-board and don't try to do everything yourself. Getting the right people on to your team is critical to establishing your venture. It may seem expensive in the beginning but if you don't start out with the right team, the future costs are sure to be greater.

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Suraj Talreja

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