Education Technology Trends to Expect in 2019

Jashan Mangat
January 9, 2021
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Technology takeover - two words to describe the forecast for the year; the education industry is ever changing and is going to be even more so in 2019 with reference to edtech. Keeping in mind the penetration of technology in our day to day lives, it is only natural to expect some changes on the educational front. Primitive methods of teaching and management are going out of style, and will pass from sight before you know it.

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Here’s a few trends that we think (and hope) are going to prevail in 2019;

Learning on Demand

Nobody has the time to follow scheduled broadcasts, be it a movie or a lesson. The generation is always on their toes, and it is getting increasingly difficult for knowledge to survive solely in textbooks.As a result, an astonishing number of institutes are beginning to incorporate mobile learning, allowing the students to read excerpts or watch a lesson in the 20 minutes that they would otherwise spend on social media. Apart from Youtube, which is becoming increasingly popular in the video lesson scene, you can create your own study resource repository on websites like Studocu and Classcard.

Integrated Systems for the Education Industry

Be it a learning system to supply instructional content, or an academy administration software to manage and measure the delivery, integrated systems are on the rise in the education industry in 2019.Integrated Learning: In comparison to invariable online help or even animated tutorials, integrated learning software are highly interactive, logical learning systems. Byju's being one of them.Administration System: Allows you to input data in order to provide feedback in the form of reports, detailing the progress of individual learners. An institute management software will although, allow you to do lot more than just that! You can manage your schedule, add personnel, manage attendance and the likes. Classcard is an end to end academy management system that you can swear by.

Gamification of Learning

All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy! What may sound like a far fetched approach to learning, might become an integral part of the process. These games are explicitly designed for educational purposes, keeping in mind human psychology and learning needs. With unending accessibility to games on operating systems (on our phones and desktops) that we use on a daily basis, it isn’t very difficult for educational games to gain momentum. You can develop your own educational games online, these are 7 tools that might prove useful to you.

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Demand for Professional Development

It is important for an educator to be accustomed to digitization and be familiar with skills and competencies of the new century. Teacher training is going to become almost inevitable, since they are the fulcrum of the operations and it is vital for them to supplement ingenious thinking abilities and be familiar with functions of new technology.

Virtual Laboratories for the Education Industry

Practical experience is an important aspect of education, and completes the full circle of learning. But there are many factors that bar an institution from setting up and constructing a laboratories. That is where technology comes in for the education industry in 2019. Virtual labs run with the backing of virtual reality tech, to simulate actions and processes that take place in a real lab. A virtual lab is economical in the terms of time, space and inevitably, funds. One of the few developers in the field is Labster.

In conclusion, there are a few trends that seem to be on the rise, and will become increasingly popular in the few months to come. All for the betterment of the pivotal industry of education! So cross that bridge before you reach it!

Jashan Mangat

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