Meet our new logo!

Suraj Talreja
May 3, 2022
2 min read

We've refreshed our logo in an attempt to point at what's coming next. As our platform continues to evolve, we started feeling like our logo was falling behind. 

On going back to the drawing board, we thought a logo should do the job of:

  1. Identifying with our solution
  2. Reflecting our ethos
  3. Be easily recognizable 

And now that you’re here, let’s walk you through a tear down of our new logo.

Part 1: Identifying with our solution

While we continue to build features, something that has always remained central is how Classcard optimizes your schedule. We do this using a calendar interface to schedule and modify classes. Apart from that, automating session reconciliation – sessions purchased with sessions attended – has proven to be a huge time saver. We think of ourselves as a virtual punch-card.

Part 2: Reflecting our ethos

We think what makes Classcard work is the empathy with which it was built. We immersed ourselves in the shoes of our customer – we sat with admins, business owners, receptionists; and did the job with them. We did the same for their customers when we built online-booking capabilities.

Classcard is not (yet) available for use to the visually impaired, but the braille script is a perfect example of inclusion with empathy.  

Part 3: Easily recognizable 

The new logo, we think, is simpler, easily scalable and can work better in many more places.

Over the next few days, you will see all our visuals aligning around this new direction: our website, app icons, ads et al. We hope you like what you see and continue to recognize Classcard from near and afar!

Lots of love,

Team at Classcard

Suraj Talreja

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