Success Story: Dubai Design Academy

Rithik Khanwani
July 17, 2024
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Tarun Jain DDA
Tarun Jain, Head of Dubai Design Academy (DDA)

Tarun Jain, Head of Dubai Design Academy (DDA), is the fourth generation of jewellers in his family. After gathering 30 plus years of experience with jewellery retail, manufacturing and export, he decided to venture out into education to give back to the community.

Delight to share a glimpse of our conversation with a super passionate and energetic educator.

Describe your business tweet style (280 characters or less)?

DDA is a platform for professionals, jewellery business owners and students to understand all aspects of jewellery design, manufacturing, and business management, with access to bespoke seminars, unique work spaces and advanced technology.

What according to you, separates you from your competitors?

Unique composition of offerings with rich heritage of knowledge and skill.

How do you foresee for the next 10 years in your business?

We strive to be in the top three names internationally who can undertake such specialised training and support.

Which book are you currently reading? 

Gemexplorer, bvlgari and other famous legendary brands of Jewellery.

How do you measure and celebrate success at work? 🎉

Frequently revisiting the targets and objectives set for the year.

Your favourite interview question (while recruiting)? And why?

What would you wake up in the middle of the night to work on? Why? Because this will be their hidden passion and their job role must satisfy their passion to get maximum output.

Learn more about the good work going on at DDA here

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