Success Story: Beyond Basketball Academy

Shivani Manohar
July 11, 2020
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Beyond Basketball Academy aspires to forge a unique breed of children with love for basketball, passion for a healthy lifestyle and commitment to nutritional habits. At the same time, the program focuses on maximization of kids’ self-confidence in a way that also keeps them entertained.

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Petar Apcev, the co-founder of Beyond Basketball Academy.. Here’s how the conversation went down:

What was your background before you started the business? Basically, how did you get into the business?

Professional Basketball Player in Europe

Describe your business tweet style.

Beyond Basketball Academy is the only program in the country that combines the Modern Skills for Basketball Training with defined purpose, tracking and improvement plan.

What according to you, separates you from your competitors?

Our aim is always to provide the best basketball classes with modernized programs specifically for each age group and our main focus is on developing talents, motivating them to reach their maximum potential.

How do you foresee the next 10 years in your business?

To have the best platform in UAE and giving a chance to our players to play professional basketball in the USA and Europe.


Which book are you currently reading? Bonus points for mentioning blogs and podcasts you are following.

Myths Of Leadership - Jo Owen

How do you measure and celebrate success at work?

I measure success by the number of happy parents and students during their classes. Development of the students into better personalities and improving their skills during our lessons.

Your favourite interview question (while recruiting)? And why?

“Why should we hire you for a youth basketball coach position?” It's very important for me to know more about their passion working with young athletes and what their goal is when it comes to working as a basketball coach.

Advice you'd like to give to a first-time business founder, someone just starting out? Or what would you have wished to have known before starting your business?

Don't let someone else take care of your job in the beginning. Hire the best people possible who you think that can deliver. Work with them on a daily basis to understand your ideas about how you want their job to be successful. Never give up, and believe in your team.

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