How to manage sports coaching through a class management system

Anjali Tiwari
May 11, 2022
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Around the world, sports coaches spend an average of 10 hours per week on management tasks apart from coaching their students. As a coach, you have to keep track of everything, from attendance and payments to communication, and practice planning, while making sure that every student is receiving personalized attention for their specific skill set.

As a coach, you need to focus on doing what you're best at while students/parents want instant gratification and immediate feedback. However, it can be challenging to oblige to it all considering time constraints. You end up taking hours out of your day by constantly logging onto various apps and spreadsheets just to try and organize things.

Sounds familiar

What if there was a platform that streamlines all your institute management needs in one place?

Sports coaching through a Class Management System

A class management system designed specifically for the coaching environment can help you resolve most operational issues. A class management system also eases communication with your students. You can send emails, brief them on their practise schedules, and even track their weekly/monthly progress through your dashboard. A lot of hard work and diligence goes into coaching your teams or individual students, and the right tools can help you help them reach their full potential. 

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A single platform to manage your sports coaching programme can save time and energy. With an automated reminder service, you do not have to worry about forgetting to schedule your coaching lessons again. An online class management software will connect you to everyone involved in your coaching program—students, parents, and a team of instructors—via the software.

With cloud-based software, you can manage your entire institute from anywhere and at any time. 

Some of the features include:

  • Setting up coaching sessions with zero effort. 
  • Instant communication with your students.
  • Automated, hassle-free fee collection.
  • Easier record-keeping 
  • Resource Library 

Your notes, videos, presentations, and links are organized in one place.

If you're like most coaches, you probably have emails scattered with notes, saved folder upon folder of coaching recordings, presentations buried on your computer from that seminar you went to last year… the list goes on.

With our Resource Library feature, we've given you a way to organize all of these resources in one central place—where every member of your staff can access them when they need them. The Resource Library is also a great way to share knowledge with students and other members of staff!

The best part? You don't have to download or upload anything—you simply create a note or link from within Classcard, and it's instantly available. So the next time you want to share that perfect presentation from last month's conference with your staff or send a student that video of the ballerina who shows how she gets her form just right, all you have to do is hit "share."

Benefits of a class management system 

🧒 Benefits for students

  • All-round support/help

Your students can connect with you or their respective training instructor through a user-friendly class management software, making it easier to stay organized with schedules, feedback, progress and assignments.

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  • Better organization and scheduling

Online class management platforms are particularly useful for students who don’t have a dedicated support system like parents or guardians. Furthermore, for younger learners, online class management platforms can be an invaluable resource to – create better habits in managing their time, and organizing their sports activities. For many students, such systems make it easy to be more punctual with appointments, communicate more clearly and manage their time more effectively.

  • Establishes interactivity 

An online class management system allows your students to interact with you and classmates from anywhere in the world. They can also see what they need to work on, counsel you for help with specific skills, and get alerts.

Helpful hints: 

  • Students will have a handy list of their schedules.
  • Students can see the due dates for practice assessments and other important information that you provide.
  • Students can visualize their progress.

👩 Benefits for Parents 

  • Effective communication

Online class management systems allow instantaneous communication among students, coaches and parents and are especially helpful with scheduling. They also offer tools that enable everyone involved to coordinate easily, saving time and simplifying communication. For example, a parent might be notified via email or text message when practice is cancelled or rescheduled due to weather conditions. 

  • Quick Updates

An online class management system is further critical in sending out updates on the events of the day, a schedule change, or injury on the field. Additionally, a sports e-learning platform provides access to learning content on various injuries, how to prevent them and ways to manage them, along with how to practice the sport away from the field. 

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  • Comparison of performance

Using a sports management system, it is easy to see how a student stacks up against their peers in terms of performance. Using these insights, you can then adjust their training routine accordingly to help push them further up that table. Additional support and encouragement like seeing where they rank against others are sure to provide them with an extra boost when it comes to performing well at their next tournament or game.

  • Keeping up the pace

For a student, learning at their own pace is enjoyable. Traditional coaching, like traditional education, can be rushed—and usually follows the pace of the fastest learners in group training. To keep up with their teammates, some young students must advance to the next level too soon. Eventually, the fundamentals that these learners did not properly acquire can jeopardize their long-term success. This is due to circumstances rather than a lack of talent or drive.

These learners can learn "at their own pace" and progress "step by step" by mastering all of the necessary fundamental concepts with the help of an e-learning tool. With Classcard, your student can skip the basics and get right into the more advanced concepts they need!

For many learners, the main advantage of an e-coaching platform is its ability to be flexible with scheduling. Some programmes allow your student to begin a course right away. In other cases, they have the option of taking an entire term/semester or beginning halfway through the semester. 

Benefits of a class management system to manage a sports training program

Balancing the needs of your students and their parents with time and financial constraints can make it difficult to keep up. Using a class management software with a built-in performance tracking system can help you identify trends and make better decisions about how to manage your students. With this system, you can track how each student performs and identify any issues that are preventing them from succeeding. The data will help you decide which exercises to include in future classes or which students should be grouped for optimal learning results.

1. Automation and managing classes in one place

To save time and increase productivity, you can automate various aspects of your business. To manage your classes, you can combine scheduling, billing, communications, and other functions into a single platform. You won't have to worry about keeping track of all those elements on your own because the software will!

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2. Communication with parents through the dedicated app

We understand how important it is for parents to be kept up to date on their children's progress, and we understand how important it is for you to be able to communicate with them easily. You can do both through the Classcard app. You can receive and process payments from your students in real-time, eliminating the need to keep track of cash or checks. You can also send schedule updates and changes directly to the parents.

That means spending less time managing your schedule and accounts and more time doing what you love: teaching more students.

Introducing: Classcard’s Class Management System

Classcard's integrated dashboard provides you with a user-friendly, easy-to-use service that can be utilized for various avenues to improve your coaching methodology. 

1. When you first log in to your Classcard account with your email and password, you can view your customized dashboard with important statistics at a glance about your classes, students and revenue. 

2. By clicking on the Calendar tab in the menu, you can access your timetable for the week and schedule/postpone classes. This will be applicable to all your students. 

3. The contact details for each student are available on the People tab which can help you with direct communication. You can also maintain and view previous attendance records. 

4. Track payments and outstanding bills using the Invoices Tab, and compare them to past earnings. You can also look at detailed analytic reports for further insights into the progress of your students. 

How Classcard Class Management System has helped other people

Archibald Sports has many locations (tennis courts) in Dubai to manage. They were concerned about their pupils' attendance, payments, and, of course, the growth of their coaching firm as a business owner.

After joining the Classcard app, they could see tangible growth. Students could quickly select classes, register, and pay for them online. Coaches can then open the app to see their students, mark attendance, and even communicate comments, including photographs, with them.

Coach tennis coaching a girl

As a result, the students and parents become much more involved in their athletic success. Furthermore, the number of sessions purchased, attended, and left is entirely transparent. The parents also don't have to be concerned about payments because it is automated. Without having to deal with administrative hassles, they’ve recently expanded into two new locations. 


  1. How does a class management system work?

With your online booking page, you can determine which classes are bookable online, the number of available seats, and the cost of attendance. You can also allow one-on-one self-booking to fill off-peak times as well.

Getting leads and bookings for your sports facility has never been easier. You can ensure that customers can see and book your classes online, even if they take place after business hours.

Customers will be able to check availability and book it on their own with your online scheduling page.

  1. What does our class management system offer?

For coaches and instructors who want to manage their students and classes, Classcard has various solutions.

Our platform is easy to use and includes features like:

  • An easy-to-use calendar interface to organize your classes. Mark attendance or let students self-check-in.
  • Online booking so you can reach a larger audience by allowing students to find and book your classes online.
  • Online teaching tools that allow you to easily teach online with video calling integrations like Zoom.
  • Fee management that automatically reconciles sessions bought with sessions attended, so you know who is nearing completion and an invoice ahead of time.

Classcard helps you manage your class staff, keep your students happy, and accept fee payments—all while keeping everything organized in one place.

  1. Do I have to pay anything to use your service?

Classcard is free to use for teams of 2. We also offer paid plans with additional seats, features, and storage.

  1. Once my student has found a suitable coach, how do we proceed from there?

Before your first session, it’s a good idea to set some goals with your student. You should know what you want to achieve by working with them and when you want to achieve it. Classcard has customizable registration forms that help you capture this information, at the time of class booking. You can set these goals together and have them continually monitored and visualized via the grade book feature.

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