6 Ways to COVID Proof Your Business

Dhwani Shah
January 26, 2022
2 min read

If you run a class, you are one of the many businesses that was forced to change its business model owing to the Covid 19 pandemic. Several business owners across the globe faced a similar challenge as the coronavirus forced them to close their shutters while customers stayed in to protect themselves from the virus. Though certain norms have been relaxed from time to time, we now know that all it takes is another wave or another variant to force us back into our homes. So it's important that we adapt and find innovative ways for our businesses to stay afloat. 

Here’s 5 ways that you can ensure your classes stay at the helm despite the setbacks the pandemic may bring-

1. Create content

Generating consistent, high quality content is a great way to stay connected with customers. In today's age, where having a digital presence is a must, creating engaging content can help you create awareness about your brand, products and services and help you gain a competitive edge in the market. For example, if you run a foreign language class, you may start creating short topic-wise videos or blogs while your physical class is shut. This content can then be repurposed and presented as online courses. The Fluentin3months blog posts extremely relevant and helpful content online for language learners all year round, in addition to providing online consultations and language coaching.

2. Pre record classes

Pre recorded lectures provide students with flexibility, in addition to accessibility, as they can now choose not only where, but also when to attend the classes. Moreover, these lessons don't suffer from problems of delivery which may be caused by low internet bandwidth or other technical issues. Pre-recording video lessons allow you to be prepared – you can roll these out to students as soon as the next lockdown is announced. You can also turn this into an additional revenue stream by providing them to students as lesson packages.

3. Switch to hybrid classrooms

Hybrid learning is when teachers teach students present within their physical classes, and online students as well – at the same time. Switching to a hybrid setup will allow you to be accessible to more clients, as they get the liberty to choose where they take their classes from. This will also benefit those students who are affected by the virus, or generally unwell and would otherwise miss out on physical classes.

4. Webinars 

Webinars are a smart and cost effective way to engage with the community and promote your services. Moreover, they allow you to connect with people globally. Organizing webinars at a regular cadence to talk about your brand and products and share snippets from your classes will help you build brand value and also generate potential leads. You can then follow up with those who signed up for the webinar and convert them to clients.

5. Plan a community activity

People love coming together and having fun! And allowing them to do so is a sure shot way of building trust and generating goodwill. Plan a fun day out for the community once a month and get more and more new people to register for it.

For example, if you run a drawing class, organize an art competition in the neighborhood on the last Sunday of every month. If you are an English tutor, organize a spelling bee. Those who have a good time are sure to enquire about the services you provide and sign up for them. If covid protocol does not allow you to hold offline activities, you can organize equally fun events online, over a web platform

6. Create your website

Now is a great time to make a website for your classes! Websites are a great way to boost brand visibility and brand recognition and to inform customers about the classes you offer. Make sure your website offers customers an option to book your services online. You can try Classcard – it creates a branded booking website and a student app for you in minutes!

We are unsure about how long the pandemic may continue to affect us. So while not everything may be in our control, we can definitely try to make the best out of a given situation and try different, clever strategies to Covid proof our businesses; because change is the only constant.

Dhwani Shah

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