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Jashan Mangat
January 9, 2021
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Add on packs are like a cherry on the cake. Teachers need them too, enter: additional courses for professional development. Most of these courses are short, easy to follow and available online. Courses with a general syllabus, that cater to the overall development of the educator have seen a rise over the few years. Finding the course that fits best, is the first, most vital step in the process of figuring out the courses that are going to be useful for your institute and the teacher.In this listicle, we’ve tried to cover the most basic types of add on courses that a teacher can take up.

teacher training courses

Classroom Management

Students are disruptive, regardless of age. Getting a student to be attentive in class has been a battle over the ages. Generally speaking the sign of a fairly amateur teacher is a classroom full of inattentive students, impeding the learning process, and hindering the progress of students who actually want to learn. The best way to combat this, is to learn the various techniques developed over the years, to keep your students in control. A classroom management course effectively explains tricks that have been developed by educators over the years. A very basic example of a classroom management technique, is raising your hand before answering.

teacher training courses

Technology Training

Keeping in mind the penetration of technology in our day to day lives, it is only natural to expect some changes on the educational front. Primitive methods of teaching and management are going out of style, and will pass from sight before you know it. Edtech is growing immensely and so is the need for training in the field. It is important for a teacher to stay up to date and understand the functioning of modern technology and systems to increase productivity.

teacher training courses

Delivery & Instruction Training

A teacher’s knowledge is the strong point, but it is the delivery that is tricky. Instructing students in the right way is the key skill. With traditional teaching techniques taking a backseat, modern delivery and training is a good addition to any resume. Unconventional methods like gamification of learning, team work activities, quizzes and the likes are taking the front seat in the industry today. It is vital for a teacher to stay in the know, about new delivery techniques, to  make sure the student is retaining the matter that’s being taught.

teacher training courses

Student Psychology

No teacher course ever taught you what you need to do if the students are calling each other names, or have a difficult situation that they are dealing with at home. That’s where student psychology comes in. Psychology is a science, and a very important one at that. Not only does it help you to understand the ins and outs of a student’s thought process, you figure out the best ways to deal with it. In turn increasing the retaining power of the student, by cutting the point of focus to the subject being taught in class. Those were our two cents on the matter. Our main aim is to make teaching easy, since it is the pivotal building block of the society. Keep up the good work, and happy teaching!And if you have anything to add, please do drop a comment.If you have a minute, try Classcard.

Jashan Mangat

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