Why Communication Is Key At Work

Kenneth Soares
July 8, 2020
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In today’s economy, the only true power is information. So naturally, the market is looking for those who have a knack for absorbing, retrieving and conveying information to those necessary. According to SurveyMonkey, institutions that evaluate the effectiveness of their communication, see a 60% decrease in human error, a decrease in employee churn and an increase in the health and safety of their employees. The most important link that these functions is that they’re firmly lodged into the grooves of good communication. Good communication is your best ally to accomplish anything that isn’t solely up to you. (which, let’s face it, is everything at this point)With your class

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You know what a class likes wayyyyyy more than a teacher who can lead the way? One that is willing to take suggestions and work on other people’s ideas from time to time. Leadership and management are hot product right now and communication is what gets you there at your best. The key here would be to take initiative but not to the point that you’re deaf to the voices of those around you. A simple balance between working on your own ideas and lending an ear to those around you would put you in the best place with your class and your management. Besides, being the teacher that is open to suggestions, opinions and grievances would do wonders to your class’s morale. Teaching with initiative is important and straying away from that altogether would be a fool’s bet. However, the idea of setting time aside periodically to cater to your class’s needs and suggestions might be more effective than you might have first thought.With your superiorsNailing interviews is just the beginning of how your fancy, confident talk can help you out with your boss. Getting you hired is just a percentage of what good conversation and body language can do for you in the workplace. Shop talk about exciting assignments, promotions and other projects are just a good talk with your boss away from being in your grasp. Being good with your words also comes in handy for getting your two cents in or when you need something (say, an early leave, a day or two off). The first step to good communication is to find commonality and build on it until you find yourself in a position of being an equal in that realm. You might have to fish around for that common interest for a while but, with the right attitude, you’re bound to come across it soon enough. From thereon, it’s smooth sailing. With your colleaguesBeing the new kid on the block is a difficult position. When you’re starting off at any place, being able to communicate and converse well puts the issue of finding friends or simply people that have your back. The mantra is pretty simple, it all works on reciprocation. Start with your one good turn and, odds are, you’ll be hit back with another. It’s important to not come across as someone who’s over-eager because when you leave the taste of inauthenticity on those around you, there’s very little you can do to come back. Be genuine, be helpful and all your dues will be paid off exponentially in the long run. You know how things work, a good start is a job half done. So get at it as soon as you can and make the best connections early in.To sum it all up, the key principles of good communication lie in being crystal clear to those you interact with and receptive to ideas that are put forth to you. Once you got that covered, you'll figure your way through the dreary maze of any workplace. Good luck! :DFor more tips on how you can communicate better you can check out the video below.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr1q-uBtIH4[/embed]Thank you for reading. If you liked what you read, head over to ReportCard and check out the site.

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